This policy specifies the way we process data about you when you visit our website.

Site Administration

The Site is administered in France and is hosted by the GANDI SAS company


Headquarters: 63-65 boulevard Massena, Paris (75013) FRANCE, registered under the number 423 093 459 RCS

Telephone: +33.(0) 1 70 37 76 61

Fax +33.(0) 1 43 73 18 51

Status of links
The specific practices described in this privacy policy statement only concern the aforementioned website. External links for other bodies/entities connected to Château de Langeais may be present on our website for partnership purposes. We recommend that you examine the privacy policy statement of the other bodies/entities when you visit their website(s).
We draw your attention to the fact that we cannot be held liable for the privacy policy and the content of other websites.

Specifications on data use and the collection process
In general, it is possible to consult our website without disclosing personal information. Nonetheless, certain services that you may use do require the collecting and storing of some automatically detected information: the date and time, the IP address, the domain name, the browser and operating system used (if the browser communicates this information), the address of the page visited (if provided by the browser), the object requested and the completion status of the request. The collection of this information is performed by using cookies, in order to improve our services and also for statistical purposes.
We also store a certain amount of information that you voluntarily provide during the use of certain services.

Cookies and other devices
As we have previously indicated, whenever our website is visited we collect anonymous  information which permits us to better serve our internet users. For example, we record the domains from which our website is visited and we measure visitors’ activity on our website, but without violating the anonymity of this information. This information enables us to measure the amount of internet access to each page of our websites and to make them more useful to visitors. This, notably, means periodically analysing activity reports that contain this information to calculate our servers’ traffic, the demand for certain pages and the interest aroused by different subjects. These reports may be stored permanently and used at any moment and in any manner whatsoever in order to prevent security violations and preserve the integrity of our servers’ information.

To collect this anonymous information, we use different devices, including “cookies”. A cookie is a piece of data sent to the user’s browser from a website and stored on the user’s computer’s hard drive. Cookies are present in the private sections of our website (if the user goes there).

You can disable cookies; the procedure depends on your browser:
– Google Chrome: type “chrome://settings/cookies” in the  address bar then look for and delete the files corresponding to the website
– Internet Explorer: follow the instructions on the browser’s help page
– Mozilla Firefox: follow the instructions on the browser’s help page
– Safari: follow the instructions on Apple’s help page to change the settings on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or on your Macintosh computer
– Opera: follow the instructions on the browser’s help page

Moreover, when we collect the information you have communicated to us when logging in, we may extract pieces of anonymous information and combine them with others. This information, which can only be used and analysed in aggregate form, helps us better understand certain tendencies and certain user profiles. They are never processed individually.

We collect the individual data provided on forms by visitors to the site as well as in the e-mails sent to us.
We never combine the data recorded in a visitor’s cookie with other personal information concerning that visitor.

All of our employees and operators who have access to personal data and are associated with the processing of that data are obliged to respect the data’s confidentiality.

Visitor’s freedom of choice
All our registration processes respect the Opt-In principle and always require a voluntary action from the visitor. If the visitor chooses to register him or herself, the information they provide will be accessible to the personnel of our entities who will use it for the purpose of events management. If you wish to stop receiving promotional or marketing information from us or from our partners, you can simply notify us by e-mail at the address given in the “Legal Notices” section or by using the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of each newsletter.

Data transmission
If you choose to receive mail from other entities, we communicate to those entities your e-mail address only. Nonetheless, please be informed that these entities may observe practices different from ours concerning privacy protection.
We advise you to carefully read their data protection policy.

Right of access, rectification and opposition
In accordance with articles 38 et seq. of the amended French Law 78-17, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition for the information concerning you. Your request must be sent to the e-mail address or through our contact form.
Concerning the right of access: we will request that you provide proof of your identity. If you are unable to prove your identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you personal data that may concern you. We make every effort to reply to these requests within a reasonable time period.
Concerning the right to rectification: the prerequisite conditions are identical to those concerning the right to access. The right to opposition concerns commercial prospecting.

Our concern is to preserve the quality and integrity of your personal information. The technology as well as the security policies that we and our technical service providers apply allow for the protection of our users’ personal data against any unauthorised access, any improper use, any alterations, any malicious or accidental destruction and any involuntary loss of data. We constantly improve our security procedures as technology evolves, in order to maintain a level of maximum protection. Our personnel as well as those of the subcontractors who have access to personal data are obliged by written contract to respect the privacy of our site’s visitors and the confidentiality of their individual data.

Advertising on our website

We have no advertising on our website.

For any questions concerning our privacy policy, please contact us by one of the means put at your disposal

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In accordance with the provisions of article 6 III of the French law n° 2004-575 of June 21, j2004 regarding confidence in the digital economy, we inform you that:
this website is the property of the company Kléber Rossillon S.A.R.L., a corporation with a registered capital of 45,800€, registered with the Sarlat Trade and Companies Register under the number B 401 291 430 – FR 27 401 291 430; it’s headquarters are located in Castelnaud-la-Chapelle;
the website publication manager is Amélie Delaunay, Head of Events and Activities

Contacting the Société Kléber Rossillon:
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